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Link your brokerage accounts

Commonstock securely connects to your brokerage accounts. Share your holdings and trades without sharing dollar amounts.

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Find amazing investors to follow and learn from. Connect with friends to share investment advice.

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Instantly know when the people you're following buy or sell positions.


Read and discuss thoughtful analysis from top investors about how they feel about various assets or the market overall.
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Chat directly with large and small groups built around your interests and investment profile.

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Share investment ideas, compete to be on the leaderboard, and get alerts when the group makes trades.

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There are thousands of communities forming on Commonstock to discuss specific companies, industries, or trends.

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Commonstock is the best platform to connect with incredible investors and discover investment ideas.

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See the assets people are buying, selling and discussing. Catch the trends early, before they go mainstream.

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Investor leaderboard

Find great investors based on their actual investment performance. Then see who's shared the most valuable content and who's building the most valuable following.

Bank-level security

We use best-in-class technology to keep all financial data private and secure.

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Private accounts

Only share your portfolio and trade alerts if you want to.

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Percentages only

The dollar value of your holdings is never revealed to anyone.

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Securely connected

All connections with brokerages
are fully secured.

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